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Our Mission

Our main mission is to provide aid for the people and animals in life danger.

It doesn’t really matter from what country they are, we know how is to be hungry and doesn’t have anything in life.

If we speak about an animals, we are helping especially abandoned, stray dogs and cats.

Our Dream

Our dream and constant goal, is to be able to provide necessary aid to those in need. Although we are a small organization now, we hope to expand in the future and have already taken steps to do so. Currently we are in the process of building an animal transition shelter. Many of animals just like the refugee humans, have experienced trauma and find the transition into a new environment overwhelming. Some of these animals have been injured, and need to recover and heal before they have a chance  at a loving life. We will provide them with a safety, medical
treatment, and comfort so that they can adapt more easily and find forever homes. We also will continue to provide aid like food, medication, and basic essentials to the many people displaced and in need.