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“We make a living by what we get,
but we make a life by what we give.”
Winston Churchill

Help us helps others.


We are constantly thinking
how to help to save lives.

Take actions

Words without actions doesn't count.


By sharing our stories we hope to inspire others to get involved
in our work.

About Us

Million Hearts Foundation is registered non-profit organization based in Karzcino, Poland, KRS 0000980703.
We are helping people and animals in very hard situations.
Last year we focused on helping Ukraine. We made 64 trips total, with humanitarian and animal aid. It’s about 90 tons of help for civilians, militaries, hospitals, shelters. This year we continue our mission in Ukraine and also have projects in diffrent countries.  
We cooperate globally.
100% donations are going to our rescue and our projects.             We do not charge for our help.
We belive what comes around, goes around.

They are supporting us

How we work?

We operate 100% non profit, and are able to continue our work because of the kindness of others. You are a vital part of our mission and every donation made impacts lives.

We answer the call

Our work starts the moment we answer. They may need urgent supplies; food, water, supplies or animal rescue. We are ready to help.

We secure

We secure the needed supplies and pack them for transport. We then coordinate animal safety and rescue if necessary.

We deliver

We personally deliver the goods directly to the people who need them. When participating in animal rescue, we arrange for safe passage across the border and then transport the animals ourselves to the shelters waiting for them.

We repeat

When we are sure everyone has what they need and all animals are safe, we head home to Poland to start all over again.

How to help?

You can donate supplies we need.

Help to help?

Here is how to donate money.